Aromatherapy Garden Candle - Green Ombre

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Aromatherapy Garden Candle in Green Ombre. Containing five amazing essential oils to create a 'pot of herbs' blend, this beautiful, natural candle is perfect for keeping the bugs away. Essential oils include citronella, lemongrass and basil to give the candle a real Mediterranean feel. Burn time 35 hours. 

Handmade with soy wax and pure essential oils. Although named 'garden candles' they make for amazing indoor candles too. The scent throw is powerful and will travel throughout the home without overpowering. Its the perfect addition to any home and garden. Natural bug repellent. 

The beautiful ceramic 'forever' pots have been carefully designed to burn a candle evenly and slowly, meaning no wax left once your candle has finished! All you need to do is wash out your pot with warm soapy water, and it can then be reused as a plant pot. The pot measures 8cm x 8cm, perfect for a cactus or succulent, or for pens or makeup brushes. The natural plant oils and wax are non toxic so any waxy residue will not harm your new plants. Please note, glazes May differ slightly as each is unique. 

These candles are paraben-free, cruelty-free & vegan. Sustainable soy wax is used to create a clean, soot-free burn and pure essential oils provide a rich relaxing fragrance that travels through your home. Hand poured in small batches in Monmouthshire, Wales, just over the border from us

For maximum results from your new candle. Let the first burn last for approx 1 hour to ensure even burning. Trim wick to approximately 5mm between each use - consider purchasing a wick trimmer for best results.