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LED Cotton Ball Lights - Marshmallow

  • £32.00

Set of 20 plug-in LED lights in Marshmallow - Soft and delicate, the blend of Dusty Rose, Soft Pink, Ivory, Pale Grey and Pure White fairy lights in this set creates the perfect feminine chic look.

REQUIRES a USB plug for power (not included).

Total Cable length is 4m consisting of 2m from plug to switch and 2m of bulbs spaced 10cm apart.

Each of the mini thread lampshades are about 6-7cm in diameter. 10cm distance between LED bulbs.

Each cable comes with all of the light bulbs fixed and can be used in a standard 5Volt USB socket (like the USB plug you use to charge your phone, a USB port in your laptop or a USB power pack).

DC 5V, 7W, 1 x LED Pixel 5V, 40mA


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