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Enamel Measuring Jug in Warm White

  • £18.00

Enamel measuring jug in warm white. Every kitchen needs trusty staple items to make cooking and baking that little bit easier. Crafted from warm white enamel, this handy measuring jug holds up to 1000ml/1L with easy-to-read measurements printed on the inside. The traditional, timeless design means it's as at home sitting proudly on a shelf as it is tucked away in the cupboard.

This collection is designed to be the backbone to any kitchen. Crisp, white enamel and porcelain mixed with simple, natural wood makes for beautiful kitchen staple items that blend seamlessly with modern and traditional kitchen schemes alike. Whether you’re making brunch for friends, indulging in afternoon tea or baking culinary creations, the items in this collection will become your go-to favourites.

Product Details:

Size: H14.5 x W14.5 x D10.5cm.
Crafted in Vitreous Enamel using traditional techniques onto a tough Japanese Carbon Steel base.
Capacity: 1L.
Scratch, chemical and fire-resistant.
Traditional Enamel will chip if knocked or dropped.
Not microwave safe.
Dishwasher safe.

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