Etched Terracotta Jug

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Etched Terracotta Jug. So beautiful in its simplicity, this jug is hand crafted from Terracotta with a tactile, unglazed exterior with etched grooves and lines on the outside and glazing inside. Terracotta is literally baked earth - a natural clay-based material fired at low temperature, which welcomes a simpler and more sustainable production. The shape is slightly uneven and surface imperfect with traces from the human hands that touched it and the flames that fired it. Perfect for those who appreciate natural materials and a rusic aesthetic.

The vase is waterproof, but can become damp at the bottom over time. Natural materials and handmade items may vary in shape and colour

Material: Terracotta
Measures: D:11.5x15 cm
Weight: 0.670 kg


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