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About us

Camperdown Lane is an independent homewares and interiors shop located in Hereford. We strive to be an inspirational place to find beautiful and practical interior accessories, homewares and gifts.

We're a family run interiors brand with the aim of helping you make your home as stylish and comfortable as it can be.

Here you can browse for inspiration and buy from a range of interiors products that we have personally selected. From small designers to leading manufacturers, as well as one-off finds that have been carefully restored, we hope you find that special something.

We are a source of ideas and inspiration and we're always happy to help you find a special gift or finishing touch for your own home - be it colour, texture, scent or an unusual conversation piece. Pop in and see us, or drop us a line. We'd love to meet you.

You can also shop a selection of our products online.



We're three sisters who realised our dream of starting an interiors business together when we opened the doors to our shop, Camperdown Lane, in May 2016.

We each have a love of interiors which we can only attribute to Mum, who has always enjoyed buying, transforming and selling houses and furniture. We're pretty sure she was addicted to auctions at one point.

As children we moved house a lot and each new space was so exciting to explore and find the best hide and seek spots. We'll never forget the sense of optimism that came with the first night in a new bedroom.

The wanderlust stopped when we moved to Camperdown Lane. The house was a wreck but mum transformed it into a beautiful home which we stayed in for 16 years. We each had free reign to design our own rooms and often helped out with the work.

Now we have our own homes, but we still adore moving furniture around, playing with colour schemes and seeking out new pieces to add to the look and spirit of our spaces. With Camperdown Lane, we hope to help our customers do the same in their homes.



Address: 18 St Owen Street, Hereford, HR1 2PL

Tel: 01432 379409


VAT Number: 261 9982 63