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Mme Therese Aromatic Reed Diffuser Kit. Reed diffusers are a highly effective way to impart fragrance into a room. Providing a constant scent and without the vigilance needed for a candle, diffusers are an ideal solution.

A whimsical white floral accord of lily, narcissus and gardenia, evocative of the walled-gardens of Valloires.

Simply put the wooden tapers into the oil bottle and allow the fragrance oil to rise up the reeds by capillary action, and evaporate into the room. Turn the sticks every now and again for more fragrance.

The fragrance lasts approximately 10-12 weeks depending on ambient temperature and airflow.

Kit contains an attractive, cream coloured ceramic pot of oil and a set of reed tapers.

Refills are also available.

Diffuser Size: 100ml

Refill Size: 150ml

Care: Do not place directly on polished, painted, plastic, metal or leather surfaces or on electrical equipment because accidental spillage may cause damage.


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