Small Pink Glass Candle Holder

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Small Pink Glass Candle Holder. This clever little item can be used in three different ways - as a candleholder, as a tealight holder or as a little vase. Simply flip over to reveal the alternative candle size. A beautiful addition to your existing range of home décor and table decorations, it's sure set the scene and add some style and elegance to any occasion. 

Size: 7.5cm high. Holds 2cm candle depth and width or a standard tealight

Top Tip: There are ways to fit a candle into a holder if it is too big. Try running the candle under hot water to soften the wax, this can help ease the candle into the holder. If this still doesn’t work, a paring knife can be used to gradually shave down the bottom of a dinner candle until it fits.

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