Christmas Decoration Ideas #4

Posted by Michelle Nugent on

As it is such a busy time of year we like to keep each task as fuss-free as possible. This decoration requires minimum effort but delivers plenty of impact. You might even have the components at home already.

You'll need:

3 glass bottles (they don't have to match)

3 candles

Some twine or raffia

Some greenery (any evergreen works, or you could try eucalyptus)

A flat platter or tray

Simply tie a stem of the green stuff to each your bottles with the twine, add a candle and arrange on the tray or platter. 

You can use any number of bottles but we have a thing about odd numbers! 

Place the finished tray on a window sill, shelf or console table and light the candles as the night draws in for a seasonal glow.

All items shown (except twine) are available to purchase in our shop.

Trio of candles on a tray

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