Colours of the Year: Denim Drift v Greenery

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If you are thinking of redecorating this year and you're not sure what colours to go for, you could look to the trendsetters for some inspiration. Two very distinct colour themes have emerged for 2017: introducing "Denim Drift" by Dulux and "Greenery" by Pantone.

Denim Drift is a blue-grey colour described by Dulux as, "the must-have color of 2017. It is truly adaptable, fitting into all life and interior styles, making it the perfect choice for reflecting our new perspective for 2017."

                     Dulux Denim Drift Decorating with Blue

Greenery is a vivid, zesty green. Pantone says during this tumultuous social and political environment, "Greenery symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose".

                     Greenery Pantone colour of the year 2017

I don't know about you, but whilst Greenery is described by Pantone as "nature's neutral", I feel it is a very bold statement, perfect if you want to break away from traditional neutrals. Whereas Dulux's Denim Drift, by design, complements existing colours and styles, aloosing a subtler transition.

But all that aside, my advice would be to stick with what you like. Personally, I don't find bold colours restful and tend to prefer a calmer palette in the home. I do adore blues so Denim Drift is a natural choice for me. Greenery can stay right where it belongs, in the garden.

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