Our Homes Part 1 - Kate's House

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When we're chatting to customers they often ask if our homes look like the shop, so we thought we'd write a series of blogs to show you.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given we're sisters, we have the same core style - at least two of us have to like every product we buy for the shop - but we each have our own distinctive twists.

Kate's style has more colour and more femininity and opulence. Sarah's is more contemporary and she is a fan of dark and stormy colour schemes. Michelle's style is more rustic-country with no matchy-matchy going on. Mum has classic good taste and we often ask her to confirm or veto product selections.

First up, here are some images of Kate's house, although it has recently gone on the market so there will be a new project for us to share coming soon!

Kate currently lives in a red brick, Victorian family home. We say currently because she gets itchy feet and moves house A LOT. She likes a project.

This house was in lovely condition when she moved in so she only felt the need to knock out one wall this time, and redecorate to apply her own stamp.

Camperdown Lane Owner's House

The house is on the market with Glasshouse properties.

Camperdown Lane Owner's House

Keep an eye out for future blogs featuring Michelle's, Sarah's and mum's homes.

Camperdown Lane Owner's House

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