Christmas Candle Decorations

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Christmas Candles

For our latest Christmas decoration idea we’ve gone with something that is super easy and inexpensive, but still looks very effective.

These little pots with greenery and candles have a vintage-rustic vibe and look really good on their own or grouped in a cluster.

Zinc Pot Candle Decorations

We think they will look amazing in a row on a long Christmas table, styled with white linen, pretty glassware and sparkling silverware.

What You Need

  • Zinc Pot (we have three styles to choose from: herb pot, round trough with handles or oval trough)
  • Salt or sand
  • Greenery (sprigs of evergreen, eucalyptus or moss work well. We recommend using real greenery so you don’t ruin any faux items with wax drips)
  • Candles 
  • Optional: Candle Snuffer - it makes putting the candles out much easier and safer
How to Assemble
  1. Fill the pot with salt or sand to use as a base for your candles. We used salt to mimic snow.
  2. Insert your candle/s into the salt making sure they are stable
  3. Arrange some greenery around the top of the pot and you’re done
  4. Optional - you can further embellish your decoration by tying some ribbon around the pot before you start

Warning: never leave lit candles unattended.

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Christmas Decoration Ideas

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