Christmas Gift Guide 2017

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It’s almost December, and if you’re not one of those super-organised people who has done all of their Christmas shopping, and wrapped it,  you might be starting to think about what to buy your nearest and dearest.

When it comes to gift giving, we all want to be the person who puts lots of thought and care into choosing the perfect gift, one that will be received with glee and cherished for a long time.

But the reality is often more grab-something-quick whilst juggling work, kids, feeding people, keeping them clean, parties (theirs), parties (yours), finding something to wear to said parties, finding babysitters, dealing with the hangovers, broken boilers, frosted up cars etc. etc.

And on the flip side, when you are the recipient of the ‘it’ll do gift’, you experience the guilt about what on earth to do with this thing that adds yet more clutter to your life (speaking as someone in a family with lots of kids with lots of plastic nonsense). Is it acceptable to re-gift it? Chuck it? Hide it in the cupboard of doom where all unwanted things go (we all have one)?

So with that it in mind, we have designed our gift guide this year along the lines of ‘something to consume and something to keep’.

The consumables can be food or drink items, cosmetics or toiletries. The keepables should be attractive, useful or ideally both.

Gift Guide Under a Tenner
Under £5

1. Herbs in a pot make a lovely, living, inexpensive gift. The rosemary came from our local supermarket and the pot is £3 from Camperdown Lane

Under £10

2. A bottle of something yummy to consume paired with a cute Christmas tree decoration to keep. This little felt santa is handmade, Fairtrade and costs £4. (For non-drinkers you can swap the fizz for bubble bath.)

3. Our reusable ‘On the Rocks’ ice stones, £7, make a great gift with the addition of a can of G&T and a lemon.

4. These cotton gift bags, £4, double up as wrapping paper and are perfect for storing or carrying bits and bobs once Christmas is over. Add a handmade, pure vegetable soap, £6, to finish the gift.

Gift Guide Under £20
Under £15

5. These plush star purses, £7, are the perfect size for a phone, bank card and lippy. Add a handcream, £5, or other small cosmetic item for a more generous gift. 

6. Who wouldn’t love a tactile, handmade mug, £10, filled with yummy chocolates? Mug available in pink, grey or white.

Under £20

7. Foodies, cheese lovers, cooks and people who like to entertain would appreciate this ceramic cheese platter, £16, coupled with some tasty cheese. Also available in aqua.

8. In a variation of the theme described in no. 2 above, we have gorgeously scented handwashes, £12, that look fabulous next to the sink. Tie a pretty ceramic bell tree decoration, £3, around the bottle as the keepsake part of the gift.

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