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Just as we’ve all got to grips with the meaning of Hygge, a bunch of other lifestyle concepts pop up. But before you sigh and move on, these are all quite compelling and better still, really easy to buy into. With a cold spell forecast here in the U.K. it seems a good time to make a cuppa, grab a cosy throw and take a closer look at what these trends mean.

(Pronounced lar-gom)

Lagom is Hygge’s younger, cooler Scandinavian relative and translates as 'just the right amount'.
‘Lagom' is thought to relate to being frugal, fair and creating balance.
Elliot Stocks co-editor of magazine ‘Lagom’ (and he should know, right?) describes it like this: “'hygge' is a momentary state of bliss while 'lagom' is a way of living.

'I think hygge captures a moment in time, whether that be a short break in the day or something you try and work into your life every day.

'Lagom is an overarching concept behind your life in general. Rather than fitting a bit of lagom into your day, it's more about your approach to your life as a whole,'”

We subscribe to this by only buying what we really love. The love it or leave it approach means we don’t buy just for the sake of it and end up really cherishing our purchases, whether it be an item of clothing or a new piece for the home. We apply this to the shop as well by not buying huge amounts of any one thing. It keeps the shop fresh and the items that little bit more exclusive.

Cosy Home

(Pronounced coze-a-goch)

Còsagach is the Scottish lifestyle concept that embodies the feeling of being snug, sheltered and warm. Definitely not something we’ll want to confine to Scotland this week!

You can bring a little Còsagach into your life with these easy steps:
Enjoy everyday indulgences by adding cosy accessories to your home - candles, throws and sheepskins are perfect.
Make time for some home cooking using nourishing ingredients to create simple, comfort foods.
Wrap up and get outside - it makes coming back in feel even more còsegach!
Aim for a restful night sleep: a cool room with a warm bed, lamps, books and no gadgets!

Wabi Sabi
Wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection.

Many natural materials and artisan, handmade products fit the wabi-sabi principles by their very nature. Think irregularly shaped ceramics, crinkled linens and handmade basketware which have a uniqueness of their own. Tactile, quirky, wonky - we’ve never quite managed to find the right words to describe the inherent appeal of these types of items, but now we know it is wabi-sabi.

And that’s it. Don’t you agree these concepts hit the spot for the times in which we live: cosy, balanced and imperfect sound just right to us.

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